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My Memories


Hilda Ida Brunken prepared this scrapbook of her memories.


This scrapbook of memories between 1920 and 1930 was created by Hilda Ida Brunken – basically Hilda’s  high school years through a few years after graduation.  While various memorabilia were pasted on the pages, there were many more items loose in the album.

The scrapbook begins with a list of signatures of people Hilda apparently knew at the time of her graduation from high school.  The rest of the scrap book appeared to be groups of similar materials.  There were first some photographs, mostly loose.  Then there were  items relating to high school graduation – including Hilda, her brother Alvin, and her cousin Leona Arndt.

Scattered throughout the album were memorabilia of concerts, plays, and party favors.   I have grouped all of the items by like kind and ordered the items in each group by apparent date.  Many  cards were in envelopes – If the envelope had written information, the envelope was included before displaying the card.  Blowups of some of the pictures were included.


Circa 1926. The dates on items in Hilda’s Memories album were between 1924 and 1930.


Lahoma, Oklahoma – also Enid, Oklahoma


  1. Scanned on February 18, 2015 from a scrapbook album prepared by Hilda Ida Brunken.

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